Ever since the pandemic, restaurants both locally and nationally, have struggled to stay open and attract customers again. Some have adjusted their hours, others have closed their doors. One local bar/restaurant has taken to social media to personally invite people to come out and have dinner. Boonies in Millersburg shared the invitation to dinner, with a little background on the restaurant yesterday to their Facebook page, and since then that invitation has been shared more than 200 times.

The post starts off by giving some background on the bar/restaurant including the local couple who owns the business and then goes into addressing the fact that many people right now, due to the higher prices for seemingly everything, might not have a lot extra in their pockets, but if they do and want to have a good time and come out and eat, they should spend that money locally, either at Boonies or at another local establishment in the area.

As some of you may know Boonies is locally owned by the husband and wife team of Thomas & Barbara Weiss, a Vietnam Vet and his wife, They employ 25 hard-working local employees. Budgets are tighter these days, but if you have some extra to spend on a night out we’d love to invite you to dinner. If it’s not at Boonies please spend at other locally owned establishments. Thank you❤️ #keepitlocal #vetreranowned #femaleownedbusiness
The area's reaction to this invitation to dinner is a pretty awesome thing to see, and for the owners, Thomas and Barbara to include the push if people are going to spend money going out, if not at their business, to spend it locally at another just shows what quality people they are.
So maybe, if you are able to this weekend, stop out at a local business and spend some money, once again if you are able to, maybe you're purchase will be the difference-maker for someone's family this summer.

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