With the unfortunate hoarding of toilet paper by some people (resulting in shortages for those who realistically need it), many might be tempted to turn to alternative forms of "toilet paper" - especially if the COVID-19 response lingers on.  But, items not designed to be used as toilet paper shouldn't be - according to the City of Superior Environment Services Division.

It all comes down to the Three P's:  pee, poop, and (toilet) paper.  The city's website is pretty descriptive about what should and shouldn't be flushed down a toilet: "Human waste and toilet paper should be the only thing going down the toilet".  Their Facebook page spells it out even clearer:

Paper towels, wipes, and Kleenex can clog your pipes causing back-ups in your home, or they can clog city pipes, which can lead to back-ups and even overflows. If you must use items other than toilet paper, please throw them in the garbage.

Common sense should prevail under this and any situation.  You can learn more by clicking here to visit the city's website.

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