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There is a waterfall in North Mankato that not many people know about and it also has a very long name. It is the Minnemishinona Falls. Ever heard of it? Yeah, me neither! But apparently these falls are one of the tallest in Southern Minnesota.

Minnemishinona Falls is 42 feet tall. In order to get to the falls, according to Only in Your State, you cross over a bridge over a huge gorge where the water from the falls flows into. From pictures, it looks pretty amazing!

Here is a hot tip if you want to go check out these falls: try to go after it rains. I guess the falls are just a little trickle if it has been dry recently. But if it has rained then you will get to see the Minnemishinona Falls in action.

There is actually something really interesting about these falls that I learned about. According to The Crazy Tourist, Minnemishinona Falls used to be on private property. Then, just under a decade ago, the area was purchased by the county. And now you and I are able to go out and enjoy these beautiful falls.

Minnemishinona Falls is actually just north of Minneopa Falls, which are much better known. So if you are planning a trip to Minneopa Falls or Minneopa State Park, hop up to Minnemishinona Falls too to take look.

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