Last summer corn prices began to move higher after the COVID-19 shut-down and crash last spring. It seems that if corn prices rally nitrogen prices soon follow along. Nitrogen prices were still fairly stable last fall. However, from last fall to this spring nitrogen prices have about doubled! That caused "sticker shock" for a lot of farmers. Fortunately last fall was dry and some farmers got their nitrogen applied where it is allowed in Minnesota.

University of Minnesota Extension Educator Brad Carlson has a regional appointment at the Mankato Regional Extension office. Brad specializes in water quality and of course that includes nitrogen and nitrogen management. With the high nitrogen prices Brad said that does not automatically mean you should cut your nitrogen rates. It of course depends on what your intended rates are compared to the University of Minnesota Best Management Practices recommended rates.


Click on the link and listen to Brad talk about nitrogen prices, rates, and a couple reasons nitrogen costs have increased so dramatically.


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