Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in our local deer population was the topic on today's AM Minnesota Program. John Dvorak called the other day and asked if there was an opening for an AM Minnesota Program on CWD in the deer population. John had been contacted by Margret Dexter who is a wildlife specialist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) about having a collection station for deer carcass at the Rice County Fairgrounds.

The Minnesota DNA has confirmed a couple deer in our zone 605 that tested positive for CWD. So, the DNR is trying to determine how widespread the disease is and to remove the deer carcass from the environment to stop the spread.  CWD is not caused by a bacteria or virus but a prion. It is kind of like a malformed protein. If a deer has CWD the prions are present in the brain and spinal column.

If the head and spinal column of a deer is just disposed of in the environment the prions can survive in the soil for a very long time. That would mean it could spread to other deer. So, the Minnesota DNR has set up collection stations in our area zone 605 where hunters can put the deer carcass in dumpsters. DNR staff will pick up the carcass and have them tested for CWD and then properly dispose of them.

There is no charge for this service and all hunters are asked to participate if you took a deer in this zone. Also, there are restrictions on moving deer out of this zone so hunters need to do a little planning and know about all the rules applying to deer and CWD. Click on the links above and listen to the AM Minnesota Program on CWD in deer!


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