For many years Minnesota has been a National Leader in developing biofuels like ethanol and Biodiesel. I believe Minnesota was the first state to blend 10 percent ethanol and 2 percent biodiesel. Many other states have followed Minnesota's lead. Now Minnesota is leading again with a Bill at the Minnesota Legislature to move standard gasoline in Minnesota from a blend of 10 percent ethanol to 15 percent ethanol.

Moving gasoline to a blend of 15 percent ethanol would result in even cleaner air and much lower carbon dioxide emissions. That would also help address climate change and carbon dioxide emissions. Amber Hanson Director of Public Policy for the Minnesota Farm Bureau said Bills have been introduced in the Minnesota House and Senate. In addition Governor Walz has been very supportive of Minnesota's biofuels industry so maybe there is a chance to make standard gasoline in Minnesota 15 percent?

Amber said there is of course some opposition and many details and exemptions still need to be worked out and agreed to. Click on the link above and listen to Amber Hanson discuss E-15 gasoline in Minnesota.

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