Friday night was a beautiful sunny evening, KnufunK was playing a jammin' set, some folks were playing in a bag tournament and Family Service Rochester was selling raffle tickets for their Once Upon a Playhouse fundraiser. And then I learned a valuable lesson about kids and their pizza.

Basically...BACK OFF!

I shouldn't really say 'kids'. The little boy didn't give a hoot if I wanted to take pictures. He had pizza, and he was in his happy place. His sister, tho, she wasn't too sure. "Excuse me, if you'll wait until I am done with my fine Italian themed dinner, I would be happy to pose for a few photographs, but now, it is time to eat. Be gone paparazzi!

Don't Mess with Our Pizza, Man!

As for the rest of the night, it was amazing, scroll down to see all the pictures, or watch the video to catch the pictures and video of KnufunK playing.

Rochesterfest Friday Night!

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