My parents never got in the middle (that I know of) of playing time and the coach. If I wasn't playing, there is a reason for it. I wasn't very good. Twice we have seen parents drive Minnesota High School Coaches to take a leave of absence or resign from their position.

It always seems like basketball season is when this happens most, or maybe that is just because we have seen a couple issues this season. The Brainerd Warriors boys basketball coach has said that he is going to resign at the end of the season, because of parents. Really?

A story from the Brainerd Dispatch as a quote from the Brainerd Head Coach that I thought was very eye-opening.

"I go from being a cop to this, and it's one stressful job to another and it's time for a break," Stanfield said. "Coaching was worse. Coaching has been way worse."

Coaching is more stressful than being a cop? Are you serious? How can that even be possible? I find it pretty ridiculous that he feels that way, and frankly, it isn't his fault. How can parents be that bad? Now, I am not apart of the situation, but if it is, the parents need to reevaluate how they are behaving.

Yes, I get it. Parents want what is best for this kids and they should do everything in their power to help their kid be the best they can be. Yet, I believe that stops at the point of telling the coach who needs the playing time, and what defense to run or who needs to shoot the ball.

There was another issue at Lake Park-Audubon girls basketball team where the coach didn't feel like he was getting support from the administration. It ended up where head coach, Jay Peterson, actually stepped away from the team for a period of time while an investigation took place. This week, he returned to the team after the investigation, according to Detriot Lakes Online.

The most important aspect of high school sports is that the student-athletes should have fun and learn something past the sport they are playing. It is more than a game, and there are so many different life lessons to learn from playing in high school sports.

Coaches are the ones that teach our athletes and giving them support and a helping hand when needed is crucial for the development of the student-athletes.

Let coaches coach.

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