Mars, the Red Planet, for years has been a mystery.  A mystery because there is still so much we don't know about it and in reality, the history and evolution of that planet might actually help us learn more about our own.  Plus, I think humans in general are naturally explorers, and it's hard to not have some curiosity about the unknown.

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Mars has been the center point for many films over the years, whether educational or for entertainment, the mystery has consumed many.  Regardless of your thoughts on space travel and exploration, the scientific knowledge that we have and will continue to gain from it, makes it worth exploring.  With each attempt to land on the red rock, there is always risks, and the steps needed and calculations to just put something down on the surface are massive.  Tomorrow, the newest Mars rover, Perseverance, will be making it's attempt to land.

What's cool to me is that this rover will have much more drilling capability than the last one.  I run a drill rig for my full time gig, and the technology to be able to do it from that distance and remote controlled is fascinating.  There is a lot more that it can and will do though.  You'll be able to learn all about the journey, it's mission, and enjoy the anticipation of touchdown along with the rest of the world via a live stream event.

It kicks off at 2:00PM Central Time on Thursday, February 18th.  You can be part of this historic event for free, HERE.

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