Lauren Alaina is currently out promoting her new album, Road Less Traveled, and she stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio to talk about one of the most impactful songs on the album, "Three."

"It's probably my favorite song I've ever written," she says. "I've written a lot, but it's just super personal. I wrote it for my family and for my fans, and for myself. It's one of those songs where I just talked about what I've done over the last six years, and the sacrifices I've made to be in this music business, which is crazy and fast-paced, and out of town all the time. In a different hotel every day, and a different city, missing birthdays and missing things with my family. I wanted to write a song to tell them that I've missed them too, but I'm right where I'm supposed to be."

Alaina was just 15 years old when she competed on American Idol, and she landed a record deal and released her debut album right after her run on the show. She says that made being away from her loved ones even harder.

"It was the summer before my sophomore year that I tried out, so I missed home almost immediately," she admits. "But I knew that this is what I wanted, and that's what you've got to do when you want something. So it's worth it, but I wanted to write a song acknowledging that."

Alaina struggled with bulimia and vocal problems in the years between her debut and her new album, but she's emerged from the other end as a strong advocate for young women and hopes to send them a positive message with her new music. Her current single, the title song from Road Less Traveled, is currently in the Top 15.

Road Less Traveled debuted on Friday (Jan. 27).

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