The Minnesota Zoo has officially announced another adults-only night! I have now been to a few of their adult nights out and they're so much fun, I highly recommend going if you can. The most recent one I went to was last month. It was really fun to see the dolphins that are visiting right now!

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Minnesota Zoo Adults-Only Nights

The Minnesota Zoo has been doing these adults-only nights for a while now. The event happens after hours and only people who are 18+ are allowed to go. Lately, their adult nights have had themes whereas the first few were just a chance for adults to walk around the zoo with a beverage in hand without kiddos.

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If I remember correctly, they used to host these on Thursday nights, at least in the summer. The most recent ones have been on Saturday evenings so I'm hoping they continue with that. Doing it on a Friday or Saturday night makes it much easier for people like us in southeast Minnesota to go check it out without worrying about work the next day!

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April's Adults-Only Night at the Minnesota Zoo

They just announced today on their Facebook page that the latest adults-only night is called Bears and Brews. They'll be celebrating the fact that the bears are coming out of torpor, which is a lighter version of hibernation.

There will also be over 15 local breweries at the zoo that night.

And, of course, you'll get to explore the zoo! The event is Saturday, April 29th 5:30-8:30 PM. Tickets are $20 per person.

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