Minnesota Lottery Has $57,000+ Jackpot Unclaimed From February 23 + Over $7 Million Paid Out From One Scratch Game

Last week was a profitable one for Minnesota State Lottery players from both Crossword scratch tickets and jackpot lottery tickets.

The Minnesota Lottery had a $57,722 jackpot winner on Thursday, February 23 with their North 5 game which has yet to be claimed. While perhaps not as well known, North 5 is another way to win big cash and it's played daily.

North 5 is only played in Minnesota with players picking five numbers from 1 to 31. As is the case with other games, players can choose their numbers or ask a North 5 quick pick to choose numbers for them.

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The Minnesota Lottery says North 5 is the most winnable out of all their jackpot games, with a jackpot that is 9 times easier to win than Gopher 5 and 1,720 times easier to win than Powerball.

Drawings are held daily at approximately 6:17 p.m. and tickets must be purchased by 6:10 p.m.

On Thursday, February 23, the winning numbers were: 1-10-12-17-25. To win the jackpot, you have to have all five numbers and that's just what someone did.

According to the Minnesota State Lottery, that winning was sold at Rosie's Market, located at 14685 S. Robert Trail in Rosemount, Minnesota. Hopefully, the jackpot winner realizes it soon to claim their cash.

Unless they decide to come forward publicly, we may never know who they are. Recently, regulation changes took place to protect lottery winners who win over $10,000. Big-money winners can become targets for scammers and fraud, so the Minnesota Lottery will not divulge their name unless they first agree to it.

It was also a big week for Crossword scratch ticket winners as the Minnesota Lottery announced Saturday that there was over $7.1 million in total cash scratched last week alone!

As the old saying goes, you can't win if you don't play and last week paid off for many lottery players.

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