It looks like these two pups won't be in the 'good boy' category anytime soon...

While our blizzard raged outside, I wasted some time did some show prep perusing Twitter over the weekend and found this interesting entry by the Lakeville Police Department.

Lakeville is, of course, a south Twin Cities suburb, located only about 65 miles northwest of Rochester. Their dispatch center was apparently busy last week Thursday answering three separate 911 calls... from two dogs?

That's right. Two dogs managed to call the 911 operator three separate times before police responded to the house in question and turned the phone off. So, yeah, the dogs somehow got a hold of their owners phone (while the owners were gone, it would seem) and managed to call 911.

Which, given that they only have paws, is quite the feat. I mean, I sometimes have trouble placing a call on my cell-- and I have two hands. But these dogs not only called 911, they then managed to do it again-- and another time!

The Lakeville PD joked about the calls on their Twitter page, saying "2 dogs + 1 cell phone = 3 911 calls to dispatch. Did you two really need a potty break that bad? Pups advised of proper 911 etiquette," the post said.

We've trained our dog, Asher, to ring a bell we have hanging near the stairs to tell us when he has to head outside. But maybe we should be teaching him to call us instead! Has your dog ever done something similar like this?

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