50 volunteers deliver Meals on Wheels in Faribault. That's about 100 short of what a town this size should have. Soon the number of routes will have to decrease and the number of meals each volunteer has to carry will increase due to the shortage of drivers.

Three Rivers Community Action handles the program. Each weekday except holidays the volunteers pick up the meals at District One Hospital. Scheduling is very flexible so you can drive once a week or more, or as little as one or two weeks a year. Route times are typically 30-45 minutes.

Those who get the meals are those who are disabled, homebound, and unable to stand long enough to prepare balanced meals. But it's not just the meals that get the recipients to smile. It's the interaction with the volunteer that gives the seniors some social interaction. That can be a positive thing physically and emotionally for those that might be a little lonely.

To volunteer, you have to fill out an application, which Three Rivers Community Action collects. Volunteers must carry valid drivers licenses and current auto insurance and agree to the Meals on Wheels volunteer confidentiality agreement. You can turn in applications at Faribo Town Square, 201 South Lyndale Ave.

You can call 800-277-8418 if you have questions.

Meals On Wheels Aids Seniors Enduring Isolation Of Harsh Winter
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