Hickok, a new Western movie starring Kris KristoffersonTrace Adkins, Luke Hemsworth and Bruce Dern debuts on Friday (July 7). In advance of the film's release, The Boot has a sneak peek at one of Kristofferson and Hemsworth's scenes together.

Readers can press play above to watch the Hickok scene, in which famous outlaw Wild Bill Hickok (Hemsworth) meets with Abilene, Kan., Mayor George Knox (Kristofferson). Hickok, responding to a recent incident, proposes outlawing firearms within city limits; Knox, as mayor, needs to approve the decision.

The release of Hickok comes about a year after Kristofferson revealed that he had been suffering from Lyme disease, which affected his memory and caused a litany of health issues. These days, though, the country icon is doing much better.

“I am feeling pretty darn good, considering I [am 81] and I am still able to do what I love,” Kristofferson tells The Boot. “We start[ed] another Scandinavian and European concert tour in Sweden on June 13 and end in the Faroe Islands on July 15. I really can’t complain, I feel very blessed.”

Filmed in California, Hickok was a natural fit for Kristofferson, who has a particular affinity for old-school Westerns: “I don’t think I’ve ever turned down any Western, ever,” Kristofferson tells The Boot. Taking the role of Knox also offered Kristofferson an opportunity to reunite with Adkins (who portrays Phil Poe, an influential saloon owner who puts a bounty on Hickok’s head) and director Timothy Woodward Jr., with whom Kristofferson worked on 2016’s Traded.

“Part of the reason I took this role was to work with Timothy again. He is a creative genius," Kristofferson says. "In Traded, I didn’t have the chance to actually work with Trace -- we filmed on different days -- so this was a great opportunity. He treats me like I am taller than he is, and he towers over me. He is larger than life and a very gifted artist.”

On July 7, Hickok will be released in 10 American cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Chicago and Denver. On the same day, the film will hit On Demand and Digital HD services.

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