Kim Slegers grew up in the small  town of Ogilvie, went on to to St. Thomas University, where she had an interest athletic training but eventually majored in health and education. , After she got her teaching career off the ground, she earned a master's in education from St. Mary's University. She also before she graduated, got into coaching. She loves to help people. She started as a full time health teacher at Northfield in 1993.

Did I mention Kim Slegers has a passion to help people?

She is a girl's soccer coach and a track coach as well,  and was named the Northfield 2017-2018 teacher of the year in November. According to the Northfield News, she was also in the same week named a 2017 Rice County Chemical Health Coalition Prevention Champion. She was nominated for that award by her students.who said according to the article she is a “phenomenal teacher and coach.” They said she remains trustworthy and positive, and students respond to her. She is frank and knowledgeable about the consequences of drug and alcohol use, always encouraging her students to choose a healthy lifestyle.

She has been in teaching for 25 plus years but  has learned a thing or two, herself — like how to help kids.
Congratulations Kim.

city of Northfield photo
city of Northfield photo



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