Finnick the Fierce, owned partially by a 2013 Kenyon-Wanamingo High School graduate now is an Assistant Manager of Timber Town Stables in Lexington, Kentucky, Paige Gilster and her father, who was a 2020 Kentucky Derby entrant, has been retired from horse racing, according to a post by Blu-Sky Stables LLC on Facebook.

The post, shared on November 30, indicated while Finnick's racing days were over, he has moved on 'literally' to greener pastures where he will still compete, but not at the level he once did.

There comes a time in every race horses career to retire; Finnick the Fierce has reached his time. Finn took all his connections to places that made dreams realities. His racing days were the highest of highs and when he started slowing down (literally) it was time to go to greener pastures (LITERALLY). 
We are so excited to announce Finn will get to continue to be an incredible athlete competing with his new partner Jackie! We can’t wait to see what they accomplish!
Finnick the Fierce was a unique horse, as he was born with a bad eye, which was removed early on. While that may make Finnick unique, it wasn't totally new for the Kentucky Derby, as Finnick would have been the 4th horse with one eye to race at Churchill Downs.
Unfortunately, Finnick had a hoove issue and was pulled from the race ahead of race day. Finnick recovered from that issue and had been racing earlier this year, up until the announcement of his racing retirement.
You can learn more about Finnick, Paige, and their story, be heading here to read and listen to an interview we did in 2020 on the phone. 

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