The Kenyon-Wanamingo Knights football team travels to Lewiston-Altura Tuesday for their opening Section 1AA playoff game.  If that sounds familiar the two teams faced each other last year in Cardinal Country.  The winner earns a trip to Caledonia Saturday night.  I traveled there last year and sat in my vehicle on the track on a cold night because there was no room in the inn, I mean press box.

The Knights had two wins during the regular season and lost two games by a combined 2 points.  Lewiston-Altura clearly had a tougher schedule.  The Cardinals were 3-5 in the regular season, playing against three Class 3A teams while Kenyon-Wanamingo went up against Class 1A  competition.  Tuesday night #2 seed Chatfield (6-2) hosts Winona Cotter (0-8).  #3 seed St. Charles (6-2) has Triton (1-7) come to their place.

The winners play Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. according to the bracket.

The Kenyon-Wanamingo Tuesday game will be broadcast on KDHL Radio, 920 AM.  The best way to listen is to download the KDHL app.  Tap the app and click listen live and enjoy reading website content while enjoying to the game.

   #1 Caledonia
10/27/2018 7 PM
at Caledonia
11/2/2018 8 PM
at Rochester Regional Sports Stadium
   #4 Lewiston-Altura
10/23/2018 7 PM
at Lewiston
   #5 Kenyon-Wanamingo
   #2 Chatfield
10/23/2018 7 PM
at Chatfield
   #7 Cotter
10/27/2018 7 PM
High Seed
   #3 Saint Charles
10/23/2018 7 PM
at Saint Charles
   #6 Triton
Lewiston-Altura Press Box. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Lewiston-Altura Press Box. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld

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