The City of Kenyon Truth in Taxation Public Hearing is Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. in Kenyon City Hall.

The City Council did adopt a 6.8% maximum levy increase in September.  That number can go down but not up when it's adopted at next week's regularly scheduled December 13, 2022 meeting.

The proposed budget includes some step and longevity increases to hourly wages and a COLA increast of 3% for full time employees.

In a memo to the council Administrator Mark Vahlsing explained Police Chief Sjoblom is requesting a  one-time step/lane increase for the two full time officers.

Health insurance is up 5% for the year.  Here is a brreakdown of the total 2023 budgets for each department as outlined on the City of Kenyon website.

  • City  Council  $113,580
  • City Administrationn  $304,437
  • Auditing                  $15,000
  • City Attorney           $ 25,000
  • City Engineer          $10,000
  • Law Enforcement   $447,542
  • Streets                    $344,648
  • Street Lighting        $27,210
  • Swimming Pool      $117,433
  • Parks                     $69,278
  • Gunderson House  $14,500
  • Fire                        $203,661 City of Kenyon share $96,533.31
  • Library                   $176,960
  • Economic Development Authority  $28,781

Total General Fund budgeted for 2023 is $1,489,974.  Add in the debt service and sanitary sewer the budget total is $2,186,284.22.

The Kenyon City Council will also go over the 2023 Township Fire Contracts.

This includes six townships with the total $92,747.69

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