The Kenyon Police Department announced today a community meeting is being held Tuesday, July 28th from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  The Kenyon Area Business Association (KABA) says there have been a "high number of thefts and vandalism incidents."

Kenyon Police Chief Lee Sjolander tells KDHL there have been four thefts in the community over the last 10 days.  "A few bikes and some tools have been taken." Sjolander says some in the community requested a meeting so he agreed.

Sjolander adds they will discuss options of starting some neighborhood watch groups in an attempt to reduce crime and suspicious activity in Kenyon and the surrounding area.

"This will be an informative and informal meeting that will be held in the grass area between Langford Avenue and Highway 56 South" Sjolander states. "Social distancing guidelines will be asked of everyone who attends and you are asked to bring your own chair if you wish to sit."

Sjolander says he has reminded people about ways they can protect themselves from such thefts.  "A wide open garage door is probably not a great idea if you are not around.  Keeping bikes locked is always a good idea.  Locking your vehicles and your home are good habits to get into also," the Kenyon Police Chief comments.


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