This is the first clue in the KDHL Medallion Hunt.  You are searching for the handcrafted silver medallion from Chappuis Jewelers in Faribault.  KDHL is celebrating 70 years in business and in September Chappuis Jewelers will be 85 years old.  Once again this year if someone finds the medallion on the first clue I will kick in $100 cash to the master sleuth.

2018 Medallion Hunt Rules.

KDHL Silver Medallion Handcrafted by Chappuis Jewelers of Faribault- Photo by Gordy Kosfeld

Clue Number One

The KDHL Medallion Hunt is underway again in 2018.

The Mighty 920 is celebrating it's 70th birthday which is keen.

The handcrafted Chappuis Jewelers Silver Medallion is the prize you seek.

Better know your KDHL and Faribault history, you don't need to know Greek.