Here is Clue #3 in the KDHL Medallion Hunt.  Remember to wear a Heritage Days 2022 button when you bring the Medallion to KDHL Radio, 601 Central Avenue to receive the approximately $500 in prizes.  $400 worth of gift cards and a crisp $100 bill.

Clue #3

In the late 1800's Faribault was known as the "Athens of the West"

Because of the bevy of educational institutions at our behest

When the city was incorporated this city service was far into the future

It started after World War II with just one structure

Clue #2

Faribault is observing it's 150th year of incorporation

In 1872 citizens decided they wanted services provided with such designation

The Faribault Fire Department was started in 1864, Police in 1872

The treasure you desire can be found by carefully reading this clue.

Clue #1

Time to begin the fun again of the KDHL Medallion Hunt

It's a nice possession to have, silver in color with black writing on it's front

The Chappuis Jewelers silver medallion engraved by Star Trophy is what you seek

With the 150 logo on it, a collector's treasure or simply interest pique


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