Josh Thompson has both a new album and a new single to share with his fans. On April 21, the artist released his long-lost album Change, which features Thompson's new single, "Daddy Had a Beer."

"Daddy Had a Beer" is just one of many ale-themed songs in Thompson's repertoire: The Wisconsin native's first big release was 2010's "Beer on the Table," and he helped pen Jason Aldean's current No. 1 hit, "Any Ol' Barstool." However, Thompson's newest single is less about beer and more about family; the song lays out the life of a family with a loving, but ever-with-a-beer, father for whom "one too many was one he never had."

"It's the first song I wrote in my house here in Nashville, and it takes me back to growing up with my parents," Thompson says of "Daddy Had a Beer" (via Rolling Stone Country). "That's what makes it special to me."

Rather than portray a dad who is absent or angry due to alcohol, the lyrics of "Daddy Had a Beer" give a nostalgic, storybook-style glance at what life may have been like for Thompson growing up. Readers can visit Rolling Stone Country to hear the song.

Thompson made his way from Wisconsin to Nashville in 2005, and "Daddy Had a Beer" isn't the only track on his recently released LP that stretches back a decade or more. Change: The Lost Record includes a number of tracks that Thompson first released two years ago on his Change: The Lost Record Vol. 1 EP; the songs were written during Thompson's time at RCA Nashville, and originally recorded in 2011. Thompson left that label to sign with Show Dog-Universal in 2014, and his next album, Turn It Up, was an entirely different project.

“I’ll say this: As a songwriter, I’ve written every style of country music. What I like about country music is the honesty and the raw emotion," Thompson says in a press release. "Whether writing about a childhood memory, a hard, 40-hour work week or a good drinking and leaving song, my music is how I express myself."

Change: The Lost Record is available for download via iTunes.

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