Last Wednesday (Feb. 22) I started coming down with a horrible cold accompanied by a fever, a little bit of a sore throat and congestion. Thursday I went in to work late in the day even though I felt horrible. I did this for two reasons. I had made plans to stay in Faribault on Thursday night because of the impending snowstorm and I was scheduled to do the B.A. vs. Randolph game. I toughed it out through the game, being careful not to make contact with too many people. Friday did the day and went home. Then came Saturday morning. Thought I had been hydrating enough to counter the normal medications I was on plus stuff I was using to deal with the cold.

I got up to get ready to got to work and I collapsed and was apparently in and out for a few minutes. My daughter called 911 and I ended up taking a trip to the ER.

Now I bring this up because if you get this stuff that's going around - bad cold, fever, cough, congestion, sore throat - be careful. My sore throat turned out to be nothing, but my daughter had one that turned out to be strep. She works at a day care and her son is there with her. Since they live with me I have to work to fight off whatever they bring home.

Stay rested, stay hydrated and, if the sore throat and or fever lasts more than a day or two, have your doctor look you over. I was given a potassium pill, a bag of saline and life was good, although Monday morning I almost passed out again and decided to get one more day to rest.

Talk to you soon!

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