JImmy Buffett is a lifelong New Orleans Saints fan, and therefore the legendary "Margaritaville" singer was—apparently—happy to get the party started for the 2019 NFC Championship Game Sunday (Jan. 20), which pitted the Saints against Los Angeles's Rams, by singing the national anthem.

We say "apparently," because although Buffett gave a pleasant (if somewhat off-key) rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner," he mysteriously added a dismissive gesture at the end. After finishing the anthem, Buffett held out his microphone and deliberately dropped it onto the field with a pleasant smile.

The pointed gesture left fans baffled. What exactly was he trying to say? Was this a political statement (Buffett has taken some digs at the current administration and the GOP of late)? Or perhaps a stunning psychic prediction of his Saints' ultimate loss to the Rams, which many say was the result of a controversial missed call? It could, possibly just be Buffett posturing for dramatic effect.

But at any rate, he did it, and Parrotheads to Patriots fans (who did not have any such drama at the AFC game vs. Kansas City, where Melissa Eitheridge performed the anthem) will be left scratching their heads for now.

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