Since the 2015 release of his self-titled debut album, honky-tonk rocker Jason James has continued tugging on his fans' heartstrings with his timeless -- and raucous -- musical vision. One song that has continued to find new life well into the new year is the LP's second track, "I've Been Drinkin' More," a ballad of lost love and ... well, a lot of drinking. James is exclusively debuting the tune's brand-new video with The Boot.

"Although this song is sad in nature, my goodness, the video process was so much fun," James tells The Boot. "I had moments where I had trouble containing a smile even though I was supposed to roll my eyes."

While the process was a blast for James and everyone involved, he confesses that he was a bit nervous when it started.

"I felt so much pressure with the video because I thought this would be my one and only chance as a singer to make some kind of mark," James explains. "But my label, New West, has a way of taking a lot of pressure off me. They never made me wear a hat I didn't own. I'd only been to Nashville one other time before, and it was to have some songs -- including this song -- produced with Keith Gattis. I was a nobody before then, just gigging around southeast Texas. Five months later, I was back to record a music video in a Cadillac."

"I've Been Drinkin' More" follows James all over Nashville, from the studio to the bar to that beautiful Cadillac -- and in nearly every scene, he is singing along, with, of course, a drink in his hand.

"I've always been the type of artist that never liked a literal country video ... I think it's boring," James admits. "We get it, you're singing along to the words of the song as it plays out word for word. But, you know, it just happens that way sometimes."

As for that soon-to-be infamous car, it was always part of James' vision for his "I've Been Drinkin' More" clip.

"I remember telling New West that if I was going to do this video, I'd need a Cadillac to pull it off," he says. "I didn't think they'd take the Cadillac back ..."

James has a slew of shows scheduled throughout Texas over the next several weeks, including a couple of gigs at SXSW next week: March 16 at the New West/Normaltown Records Showcase at the Velveeta Room and March 17 at the Grand Ole Austin Day Party at Maria's Taco Express. Fans can stay up to date with everything happening in his world at his official websiteJason James is available via Amazon.

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