Recently, Abby Blake who is originally from Caledonia earned the Golden Ticket to Hollywood on American Idol after her audition in Nashville where she lives now.  

Abby asked her friend Sam to play the piano for her performance. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan talked with Sam, otherwise known as Kayko, for a moment and found out he plays in a band.  

Once Abby performed, they asked Sam/Kayko if he wanted to perform as well, he did, and he also got a ticket to Hollywood. 

Sam and Abby were cheering for one another, even though they were in different groups in the first performances in Hollywood. Unfortunately, Abby was not kept on the show, but Sam made it to the next round.  

This past week, Sam performed an original song called “Over You”. Then he did another called “What If”. 

 Singing an original song can be a “risky play” on a show like this, but some who follow the show and in or around the music industry say this is a smart move for Sam because it allows people to hear what he’s capable of as an artist.  

Sam has picked up the nickname “The Accidental Idol” because he wasn’t trying to land a spot on the show, he was just there to support Abby and got on the show anyway.  

No matter what happens moving forward, Sam is one of the contestants who has gotten a lot of attention because of the situation he’s found himself in.  

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One can hope that if Sam can see his career blossom after his time on Idol is over, he’ll not forget his friend Abby, for without her, he wouldn’t have been there to begin with.  

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