Fall is the air across Minnesota. The days are getting shorter, and the temps are getting cooler -- which is the perfect recipe for the vibrant fall colors that our state is known for.

Things are really beginning to pickup in the extreme western part of the state, as well as areas in the northeast.

Down in our neck of the woods, were still waiting for things to really get rolling, but I have noticed some over achieving trees that just couldn't wait any longer to get their autumn jam on.

Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR
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State tree experts are anticipating less vibrant leaf colors this autumn due to Minnesota's extreme drought, and also expect the leaves to fall from branches faster this year too. The lack of precipitation has caused stress on trees in Minnesota, causing them to struggle to retain moisture.

Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR

Best Fall Color Viewing Routes in Minnesota

  1. North Shore of Lake Superior: This route along America's largest Great Lake is known for its great fall color and lake views, making it very popular with leaf peepers like us.
  2. Iron Range Loop: I know, "Pete can you find something closer?" There's a beautiful mix of color on this circle drive, and plenty of other highlights as well.
  3. Edge of the Wilderness: Nope, still not down south. This super scenic byway winds over hills through the colorful mix of pine and hardwoods of Chippewa National Forest.
  4. Mississippi Headwaters: Still no for southern Minnesota. Itasca State Park, the source of the mighty Mississippi River, is the star attraction on this route.
  5. I'm tired of waiting for a great southern Minnesota spot, so we're jumping ahead to #9 on #ExploreMinnesota's list, which as far as I'm concerned is as good as anywhere in the state. Mississippi River Valley: Charming river towns and wooded bluffs border the Mississippi River on this colorful route, characterized by steep hillsides dressed in brilliant autumn hues of red, russet and gold.

Keep calm and take pictures. 😉🍁

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