Did you know today is National Something on a Stick Day?

If you’re asking me it seems weird that it’s in March and not in the summer when all the state and county fairs are going on, but I digress.

With that, it got me thinking “what was all at the State Fair that just happened to be on a stick?”

I took to the internet and while I found the classics and things you would think to put on a stick, there are defiantly some weird ones. Yet we all love to enjoy them.

Aside from Pronto Pups, Cotton Candy, and Walleye on a stick what else can be found at the state fair on a stick? I found the whole list from the 2022 State Fair thanks to discoverthecities.com, and boy are there a lot.

Here are all the weird and interesting foods you can get on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair:

Mac and Cheese on a Stick

listen to some music at the neighboring Schilling Stage while you order your Mac and Cheese on a stick from Lulu’s! find it at Lulu’s Public House.

Tater Tot Hot Dish on a Stick

A Midwest classic at the Midwest’s best State Fair! Find it at Ole and Lena’s.

Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner on a Stick

Okay, I was picturing spaghetti noodles hanging on for dear life on your stick between some meatballs. However, it’s basically a big, fried meatball with spaghetti with a bowl of marinara sauce for dipping. Find it at Oodles of Noodles.

Salad on a Stick

Again, not what I am picturing, but according to discoverthecities.com it’s a salad of mozzarella, tomatoes, dressing, and wild rice onto a stick. Find it at Giggles Campfire Grill.

Scott Eggs on a Stick

Um, what is this? Well, it is of course the iconic Scott Eggs on a stick that consists of a hard-boiled egg, wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried! Find it at Scotch Eggs.

Cheesecake/Cake/Key Lime Pie on a Stick

So many different kinds of cake-y desserts, but on a stick! Find the Cheesecake at Libby’s Ice Cream and Co., Granny’s Cheesecakes and More, and Mini Melts/Wonder Bar. Find the cake at Mancini’s. The key lime pie can be found at Key Lime Pie Bar.

Deep Fried Olives on a Stick

These olives are battered dipped, deep-fried, and put on a stick! Find it at Fried Fruit and Fried Olives.

Deep Fried Lobster on a Stick

Aside from different kinds of fish on a stick the State fair has other seafood served on a stick. Deep-fried lobster can be found at Fish and Chips Seafood Shoppe (Food Building, and West side of Liggett St., just south of Mighty Midway).

Shrimp on a Stick

Strangely this is incredibly popular and found at Fish and Chips Seafood Shoppe (Food Building and West side of Liggett St., just south of Mighty Midway), Ragin Cajun, and The Shrimp Shack.

Seasoned Alligator on a Stick

Yep! Not only can you get Alligator on a stick at the MN State Fair, but it is seasoned. Find it at Bayou Bob’s.

Giant Egg Roll on a Stick

Not only does Que Viet serve giant egg rolls on a stick, but they “claim to be the oldest family-run Vietnamese restaurant in the Twin Cities. They also happen to be the only Vietnamese restaurant that attends the fair and serves up an enormous and deliciously crunchy, giant egg roll on a stick,” according to discoverthecities.com.

Stuffed Grape Leaves on a Stick

This iconic Mediterranean treat can be found at Holy Land.

Candy Bars on a Stick

Don’t worry you have many different candy bars to choose from and deep fry to your satisfaction. Find it at Deep Fried Candy Bars.

Nut Rolls on a Stick

A Minnesota classic dipped in chocolate and served to you on a stick! Find it at Fresh Made Nut Rolls.

Chocolate-dipped Bananas on a Stick

Again, while such a strange thing, you can find it at many locations. This includes Granny’s Cheesecakes and More, Libby’s Ice Cream and Co., and Mini Melts/Wonder Bar.

Cookie Dough on a Stick

A true classic! While Kora’s gives it to you right from the fridge Sonny’s deep fries it (my all-time favorite fair food). Find it at Kora’s Cookie Dough and Sonny’s Food.

Strawberry + Brownies (in Wine Infused Chocolate)

Hey if you are like me, you probably love chocolate, and anything that is Booze-ified you can get strawberries on a stick mixed with browned and dipped into wine-infused chocolate. Find it at Minnesota Wine Country.

Wonder Bars on a Stick

Last but not least are the wonder bars on a stick. Simply just a wonder bar dipped in chocolate. Find it at Mini Melts/Wondar Bar

All information is credited to discoverthecities.com. feel free to check the article out to see all 58 food items that were found on a stick at the 2022 Minnesota State Fair!

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