Devil's Lake in Baraboo, Wisconsin is often considered one of Wisconsin's best lakes, but many people don't know that legend says there's a giant squid-like creature that lives beneath its waters.

Infamous Water 'Monsters'

I'm willing to bet that almost every large body of water throughout the World has some kind of infamous sea 'monster' story attached to it. The Rock River's "Rock Ness Monster" is a perfect example to prove my point...

I'm pretty sure we've all been boating on or walking along a river or lake when we spot something weird in the water like the "Rock Ness Monster", and although subconsciously we know it's just a big log, it still freaks us out. Is it really just a log?!?

Do You Know the Legend About the 'Devil's Lake Monster'?

Devil's Lake in Baraboo, Wisconsin is a popular place many Illinois and Wisconsin residents visit, especially during the summer months. It's located in Wisconsin's largest state park, Devil's Lake State Park, and the crystal clear lake water makes it a perfect place to swim, fish, and relax.

While looking for more fun things to do in the Devil's Lake area, I came across a very unsual article on It was about the infamous "Devil's Lake Monster", which I must admit I didn't know was a "thing" until today.

Here's a video I found featuring the "Devil's Lake Monster" . Is my brain just playing tricks on me or is that thing actually moving?!?

The article says that the Devil's Lake Monster stories were a big deal back in the 1920s and 1930s, but the orgins of the legend date to way before then.

According to the Devil's Lake State Park Area Visitor's Guide, one version of the legend says;

an early missionary to the area heard a story from a local chief who was recounting a long drought in the area. His people came to the lake because it was drying up, and as it did, it became easy to collect fish from the lake. As the summer progressed, the lake dried out so much that it actually split into two smaller lakes with a sandspit or island in the middle. One morning, the people woke up to see a strange, apparently amphibious creature thrashing around in an effort to free itself from the dry land. (Some accounts suggest it was some form of Kraken or octopus-type monster.) They were so afraid of the creature that none would go near it and in time, it eventually worked its way back into the water.

So, could there really be a giant creatue swimming deep in Devil's Lake? Many people will say yes, but after seeing this photo, I'm not buying it. What do YOU think?

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