As we leave winter behind and head into spring, Illinois will start seeing tons of road construction all over the state.

It's such an inconvenience when there are a thousand detours around town.  We've all been there - it should only take you ten minutes to get to your destination, but a detour added an extra ten minutes to your ETA.


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Other than detour signs, the orange cones constantly lining the roadways are an even bigger inconvenience.  Sometimes the cones aren't even lined up perfectly so it gets confusing where we're supposed to drive.

When I was in high school, for some reason I was always tempted to take one of the orange cones home with me.  Why?  No reason, but who wouldn't want one?

I guess I'm not the only one who has been tempted by these construction cones, according to Illinois residents.



Now, if one or two went missing we probably wouldn't notice much.  If everyone is doing it, though?  Then there is definitely a problem and a major cone shortage haha.

Are these stolen more after a night of drinking or what's the deal?!

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I've never brought anything home after a crazy night out, not even a person... I'm more of a "get home and hit the sack" type of gal, but some live on the edge and steal more than just traffic cones.

Here's what others said they've brought home:

  • A cat
  • Cement bird bath
  • Their ex-husband
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • pool balls in their bra
  • Someone else's shoes
  • Stripper's underwear
  • A speaker attached to an outdoor theater

and the craziest one....

  • A 50 ft long Taco Bell banner from their parking lot 

Go big (50 ft to be exact) or go home!

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