We've been getting super spoiled here in Minnesota. Experiencing an unusual winter with record-setting high temps and very little snow. If you're one of those saying spring is here, take a beat and don't put that shovel away quite yet.

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Brace yourself, apparently, winter is just about to begin!

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That is, if you believe the Farmer's Almanac predictions which claims to be accurate 80% of the time.

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They released their March forecast prediction for the North Central US which includes Minnesota along with Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

I think it's safe to say their prediction for the first weekend in March will definitely NOT happen. At least not here in Minnesota.

Here's the March weather prediction from the Farmer's Almanac:
The prediction for the 1st-3rd of March - potential blizzard-like conditions. Very snowy and cold. Here in Rochester, the forecast for the weekend is in the 60's. In Minneapolis, it could hit the 70's, sooooo....

What about the rest of the month? Another snow storm coming the 4th-7th. According to my weather app, the temps will dip a bit next week, but stay in the upper 30's and even into the 50's, so even if it did snow, it likely wouldn't stick around for long.

Fast forward to the next week (8th-11th) and they are saying there will be a cold front followed by rain and snow (12th-15th). Mid-March will bring heavy snow mixed with rain. And supposedly, another snow storm will hit the last week of March.

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I've been saying over and over that eventually we'll get hit by something, but this winter is by far the strangest I've ever experienced. I think I'm jumping on the "spring is here" wagon. Hopefully me saying that isn't the kiss of spring death. I'll go find some wood to knock on quick.

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