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There are some classic homes here in Minnesota, but just how old are our houses here compared to other states?

I confess to being a history buff and am fascinated by many things about our past here in Minnesota. And while the Land of 10,000 Lakes has been a state for, oh, 165 years now (we were admitted to the union back on May 11th of 1858), our history here is relatively recent when you compare us to some of the states that were the original 13 colonies on the east coast.

These days, one of Minnesota's fast-growing cities is Rochester, where, much like the Twin Cities southeast metro, many new houses are being built each year and whole neighborhoods are springing up where there was once just farmland.

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So just how old ARE our homes here in the North Star State when you compare them to other states? That's what the gang over at TodaysHomeOwner.com attempted to find out when they undertook this cool survey. They used Census data from across the country and this interactive list of median home ages in the U.S.

And what did they find? Well, here in the Bold North, the average age of a home is about 43 years old. If you click HERE, you can see the breakdown of the median age of homes by state. New York has the oldest homes, with an average age of 63 years. Meanwhile, Nevada's homes are only about 26 years old, on average.

You can also check out the median of homes by county, as well. Here in Minnesota, many counties in the Twin Cities metro, like Hennepin, Ramsey, and others have a relatively old median age, around 49 and 56 years. In Olmsted County, though, many homes have a relatively young median age of just 36 years.

You can check the entire median home age survey HERE. And keep scrolling to check out one INCREDIBLE house in Minneapolis that looks like a castle-- and is for sale right now.


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