Quite a few Minnesotans have hit big jackpots this year! Last week, Treasure Island Resort and Casino congratulated four major winners, in April someone won $400,000 at Black Bear Casino, there have also been two $1 million Powerball winners and two multi-million dollar Lotto America winners this year.

Now, the Minnesota Lottery has announced two more lucky winners, both from southeast Minnesota.

Two Lucky Lottery Winners Score Big in Southeast Minnesota

Most say they'd be smart about their winnings if they hit a big jackpot, usually starting by paying off debts before splurging on anything else. Two people in Southeast Minnesota will now be able to clear a bunch of bills and buy something nice after winning big.

According to the Minnesota Lottery, the first winning ticket was for the Color Word Crossword Scratch game.

Minnesota Lottery
Minnesota Lottery

In this game, players scratch to uncover 18 letters. Then, they scratch those letters in the crossword puzzle. If they manage to reveal 3 or more complete words in the crossword puzzle, they win the prize indicated. If they completely scratch any green word, they win $30 instantly.

This winning ticket was sold at a Kwik Trip in Owatonna on May 3rd. It matched 10 words for $30,000 payout.

Lottery officials say the second winner won even more with the Diamond Riches scratch game.

Minnesota Lotter
Minnesota Lottery

To win with this ticket you must match any of your numbers to any of the winning numbers. If you scratch a 2X, your prize doubles. Get a 10X, win 10 TIMES that prize. Get a 100X, win 100 TIMES that prize. Get a 500X, win 500 TIMES that prize.

That winning ticket was also sold at a Kwik Trip in Owatonna and is worth $50,000.

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