Late last year, there was big news in the theme park world as Six Flags and Cedar Fair announced their merger, creating a powerhouse in the industry. This merger brings together a total of 27 amusement parks and 15 water parks across North America, including Minnesota's own Valleyfair located in Shakopee.

Park enthusiasts are excited and curious about the new features the merger will bring. One exciting addition could be the return of a popular attraction that was discontinued a couple of years ago. The park's recent promotional video has sparked excitement among visitors, hinting at the return of this fan-favorite attraction.

Valleyfair has been a staple since its opening in 1976 with over 75 rides and a complete water park. The amusement park is owned by Cedar Fair which announced a merger with Six Flags last November.

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At that time, Selim Bassoul, the president and CEO of Six Flags, released a statement emphasizing the shared values and commitment to delivering thrilling experiences between the two companies. He expressed optimism about leveraging their combined operational models and technology platforms to drive forward transformative initiatives and unlock new potential for all the parks involved.

On Tuesday morning Valleyfair released a promotion video (watch below) and now fans are speculating about the return of a popular attraction.

The video flickers at the end to a shot of the park in the dark with a layer of fog hanging over it.

VALLEYSCARE!  While no official announcement has been made, many viewers have speculated that it hints at the revival of the beloved Halloween attraction. The date at the end of the video suggests an announcement is coming next week.

When Was ValleyFair Canceled?

Valleyfair replaced the popular attraction in 2022 with an event geared towards families and younger children. "Halloween celebrations at Valleyfair are transforming as we say goodbye to Halloween Haunt and introduce Tricks and Treats, our all-new, over-the-top, larger-than-life, gotta-be-there Halloween event with all fun and no fright. From little goblins to grown-up ghouls, everyone will find ghastly great things to do for Halloween. Plus, we’ve got skeleTONS of delicious seasonal treats, drinks, and, of course, candy!"

The 5 Most Popular Rides at Valleyfair

Valleyfair is located in Shakopee, Minnesota. The 125-acre amusement park features over 75 rides. Keep scrolling to see the 5 most popular according to

Gallery Credit: Troy Dunken

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