So many celebrities were at the Super Bowl on Sunday. It was definitely a star-studded affair! There was also a Minnesota man there who actually performed during the Super Bowl. Except no one could see it and people are mad about it.

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Sign Language Interpreters at the Super Bowl

During the musical performances before the game began, each performer had a sign language interpreter. I'm so happy that they had this. It allowed people who are deaf or hard of hearing to still be able to experience the music.

Below is Shaheem Sanchez, who did the interpretation for Andra Day singing 'Lift Every Voice and Sing'.

Super Bowl LVIII Pregame
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

One thing that was weird to me was that they introduced the interpreters and then cut to them during the performance maybe once during the performance. I would have liked to see them at least in a corner at the bottom of the screen for the whole thing. That way people at home could have experienced it as well.

But the biggest thing that made people upset in Minnesota was the fact that the Minnesotan interpreter didn't get panned to even once during his performance.

Duluth Man Gets Jipped at the Super Bowl

His name is Daniel Durant and he's an actor from Duluth. He was the sign language interpreter for Reba McEntier's performance of 'The Star Spangled Banner', which is super cool! Except that they introduced him and that was his only screentime.

The National Association Of The Deaf's Breakthrough Awards
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

People aren't only mad about Daniel not getting any screen time but they're mad that all three of the interpreters didn't get much love on national TV.

It's so strange that they didn't really seem to care about any of the interpreters' performances! Hopefully that changes in the future.

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