Minnesota parents are always looking for fun things to do with their kids.  If your calendar is open on Friday, April 19th, for an adventure, one is waiting for you in Southeast Minnesota.

Unique Family Activity By a Minnesota Lake Happening Friday in Southeast Minnesota

Before you start typing up that Facebook comment or e-mail letting me know that Southeast Minnesota is void of lakes, it isn't.  I know we don't have a lot and we may have had to make these ourselves but there are quite a few bodies of water that exist. Some that you can swim in and others that...well, I wouldn't even put my toe in.

10 Lakes in and around Rochester, Minnesota

When you think of Rochester, what comes to your mind first? Yeah, not lakes. But we actually have 11 lakes or reservoirs in town including Lake Maroo. Yep, it is a real thing.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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The top lake on that list is one that people are loving in the Rochester, Minnesota area and thanks to a new building, a fun adventure is waiting for families on Friday.  Here are the details:

Find more events that the Rochester Public Library is hosting on their website.

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Check Out The Baby Bear Cub After Storytime at a Free Zoo in Southeast Minnesota

Did you know that there is a bear cub in Southeast Minnesota that you can visit for free?  Last week, a huge announcement was shared by Oxbow Park and Zollman Zoo in Byron, Minnesota that they are the new home for an adorable bear cub.   

Visitors can now stop by, say "hello" from a safe distance and welcome this new "little" bundle of joy to Southeast Minnesota.

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Places in Minnesota with Free Stuff for you on your Birthday

It's your BIG day and although you may not always want to celebrate adding another number to your age, there are several places in Minnesota that want to celebrate YOU! Check out the list and start making a plan to visit all of these on your next birthday.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio