A Minnesota family is back together after a rescue by a fire department this week.  SPOILER ALERT:  Everyone made it out safe!

Rochester Fire Department
photo by Andy Brownell/Townsquare Media

Southeast Minnesota Fire Department Got The Call For Help!

A little bit of good news popped up on the social media giant known as Facebook.  It might be hard to believe that something good appeared on that platform but it is true, and it is all because of people showing kindness and stepping up to help when a family needed it most.

This is a time of year when all the adorable animals add to their families.  The birds are busy making nests, the turkeys are sending out those mating calls, and baby chickens are ready to become your backyard chickens.  (I've done that with a few groups of chicks.  Check out the tips for backyard chickens here.).

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Another animal that we see a lot of in Minnesota are ducks and the little ducklings are hatching and learning all about life right now.

istock-dk ThinkStock

Unfortunately, one family with ducklings had a few life lessons that left them needing some human assistance.  That's when the Rochester, Minnesota Fire Department was called to help:

Truck 12 was called to the scene of a storm drain where a family of ducks had fallen in. The crew of Truck 12 arrived and saw the ducklings trapped inside. With the help of a nearby Momma duck, they were able to enter the drain and reunite the family. The ducks were grateful for the help of Truck 12, and the crew was happy to have helped.
Duck 12 strikes again!

- Rochester, MN Fire Dept. Facebook Page

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