Every day, I sit in the Y-105FM studio for Townsquare Media in Minnesota and am on-air for a national radio show.  Today, there was a moment where I had to just pause.  I was reading the messages on our app that people were sending me, their pain, challenges in their day, and could see that they just want to chat with someone who will listen and understand.  And then, I glanced at the stories that were being shared on Google, Facebook, and other platforms.  There is a huge disconnect between what people are needing and what people are seeing.

The internet world is a big 'ol mess right now.  Rude and mean people who are just about cutting someone apart, in the political world and in our very backyards.  It is an exhausting place if you let it be.

If. You. Let. It. Be

The Last 14 Months...

Personally, my body, brain, and heart have zero room, not even a crack, to let that negative run the narrative.  The last 14 months have been the most challenging moments I've ever faced as a human...and I've already been through more trauma than most.  For some reason, someone up there loves to test me and see when I am going to break.  It isn't today, FYI, but I know this isn't just a me thing.  I'm not the only one who has faced horrible things in life, lost loved ones to accidents or horrible illnesses.

If I need a reminder, I only have to walk about a block from our studios in Rochester, Minnesota to remind myself that others in this world are in the thick of it too, at Mayo Clinic looking for help, answers, a cure, and are also relying on others for another day.

They need you and so does my family.

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Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

REAL MOMENT: It is infusion week at our house.

So much I could share about that word "infusion" and how my world has changed in the past 14 months.
The lessons I've learned.
How isolating it can be.
What "strong" actually means.

Without a specific person though, our world would look a lot different right now.

That person is someone who has given up an hour of their day to help someone else.
And one of those individuals they helped is my husband.

The moment our world was flipped upside down.

About 14 months ago, our family learned about CVID.
My husband's body quit making antibodies and unfortunately, there is no cure.

I have watched a human body pass out multiple times trying to fight infections without a way to fight.

There is something that helps though.

IVIG infusions...and it only comes from one thing.
Blood products.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

I have been in the room during the infusions.
Most of them, actually.
I have seen the very large bottles of sticky liquid that are pumped into his veins.

I have also seen the price tag associated with it. (That's another story.)

This is our daily fight.

But we can only do it with help.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Thank You!

To all who have donated the past 14 months, thank you.
To all who try but your body is throwing red flags for some reason like mine did today, thank you for trying.
Keep trying.
To all who are thinking you might want to donate, please do.
My family and so many others need your help every day.
In my family, it is every 28.

Donating Blood Is The Easiest Way You Can Help Others Right Now

People aren't walking around with shirts or nametags on that say, "I am alive because you donated blood".  If they did, you might be surprised how many people you are helping when you donate.

Now, I know needles freak some people out and there are reasons why people can't give blood.  I'm not going to pressure you to walk into to the Blood Donor Center to donate.  If you are curious though about donating and want to learn more about scheduling a time to donate, I wanted to make sure you knew how to do that.

Locations, how to schedule donations, where to park, and additional resources about donating blood products can be found at the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program site.  If you don't live in my area, hit up Google and ask where you can donate.  I'm sure that internet genius could pull the details out for your specific location.

If You Get Nervous Before You Donate, I Understand!

...and if you decide to go in for the first time and are a bit nervous or have questions, feel free to reach out.  As you can see above, I've got a few things going on but I will read your message if you send me one over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  If you are expecting a response within 24 hours, I will disappoint you.  I treat you like my friends.  They text me and it is a few days before I realize I responded in my head and didn't actually type something out.  #SoSorryToAllOfYouBTW 


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