Lots of news about businesses in the Rochester, Minnesota area opening and closing this week.  Unfortunately, one temporary closure is impacting a restaurant.  Grab that update below before you head out to grab a bit to eat with friends and family.

Here's What Open and Closed in the Rochester, Minnesota Area Recently

When one door closes, another one opens and that is the reality for several businesses in our area.  In case you missed it, here are a few of the places that opened or closed recently in Rochester.

List of Businesses in Rochester That Closed in 2024

2024 started with the unfortunate news of several businesses closing in the Rochester, Minnesota area.

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One Rochester, Minnesota Restaurant Has Closed Temporarily

On Monday, April 29th, Nupa, which has two locations in the Med City, shared with their fans that their exhaust fan failed at their South location at 412 Crossroads Dr. SW in Rochester.  Equipment failure is never easy for a working restaurant and in this case, it caused them to limit their menu due to the amount of smoke the grilled meats were causing.

NUPA South

The following day, the unfortunate update below was provided:

Despite our best efforts, we have decided to temporarily close our South location until our new exhaust fan is installed. Thanks to all who have supported us! North/Civic Center will remain open normal hours and all catering will still be fulfilled. - Nupa Facebook Page


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Nupa Sends Out Thanks to the Community For Its Support

After the temporary closure at the South Nupa location, the community rallied and showed up in record numbers to help Nupa out.  According to its latest post, Nupa North, located at 1035 Civic Center Dr. NW, had a record day on Wednesday!

Please Remember To Be Patient If You Go To Support Nupa in Rochester, Minnesota

Since the pandemic hit, one amazing thing that has been great to witness is the support for our local businesses.  When one struggles, our community has been stepping up to show financial support as the restaurant faces these hurdles.

Nupa put out a few words of thanks on Friday and a note about the larger crowds that they are experiencing at the North location during the temporary closure of the South location.  If you go to grab a bite to eat, please remember to bring your credit card but also your patience.

Hopefully the parts for the exhaust fan to fix the issue arrive soon and business will be back to normal.  Once I hear that update, I'll share that over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  Give it a follow.

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