The official snowfall total out of NW Minnesota and North Dakota is really impressive. And cause for a moment of gratitude here in SE Minnesota!

"Eye-Popping" Snowfall Totals In Minnesota and North Dakota

"Eye Popping," that's how our sister station (WJON, St. Cloud) described it. And they're right. The first snowstorm of the season didn't hold ran through the area Wednesday and Thursday of this week and left double digits in its wake.

Actual First Blizzard of the Season Snowfall Totals

  • Bismarck - 24 inches of snow
  • Mandan - 21 inches of snow
  • Devils Lake - 12.5 inches of snow
  • Grand Forks - 9.1 Inches of snow
  • Roseau - 7.5 Inches of snow.
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How Bad Were the Roads?

Really bad. In some areas, the gates came down and the interstate was closed up. The North Dakota Highway Patrol was enforcing something I haven't seen before, a ban on oversize travel!

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How About Minnesota's North Shore? Big Waves?

That's a big yep!

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