Why Are Dryer Sheets Showing Up in Minnesota mailboxes?

Surprises are showing up in mailboxes all over Minnesota and sadly, it is NOT a care package with amazingly, delicious homemade cookies.  Even a Crumbl Cookie would make my day.  Sadly, food is NOT showing up but rumors are flying around that mailboxes throughout the country have dryer sheets inside.  If a dryer sheet magically appeared in your mailbox, leave it, there is a really good reason why it is there.


According to the New York Post, a postal worker that has been stung multiple times from yellowjackets uses the dryer sheet tactic to help keep the pests away.  For mailboxes that have "issues", he just puts a dryer sheet in the back of the mailbox and that helps the "satanic creatures", as he called them, from creating a little home in the space.

Thankfully, the yellowjacket season should be done soon since snow is on the way.  But this will all repeat again next year, so keep a dryer sheet handy for your mailbox.

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Do you know how expensive it is to mail a letter now?

I haven't mailed Christmas cards in about 7 years so when it was time to buy stamps for graduation cards, I almost fell through the floor at the HyVee service desk.  Did you know that the price for a normal stamp is now 0.63 cents?  And, did you know that they are wanting to hike this price up again 0.66 cents?

Back in my day...I remember when I tried to tape a quarter to the corner of the envelope to mail a letter.  I was a little kid and didn't have a stamp or a way to get one and I thought this might work.  FYI, it didn't.

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