A St. Bernard in Minnesota finally got his wish...SNOW!  You'd think that winters in the Land of 10,000 Lakes would be his perfect habitat - cold and lots of snow - but this year it is just a disappointment.  He was born to be in the snow and without it to play in, his eyes showed a little bit more sadness each day.  But when it finally showed up again with huge, fluffy flakes, his reaction was priceless.  #CaughtOnVideo  #SoCute

Did Someone Say This is a Weird Winter in Minnesota?

Way back when Halloween showed up and it started to snow, we all just laughed it off as "weird".  Kids were walking around in their costumes as snow was on the ground in spots and because we are Minnesotans, we just threw another layer on under or over those costumes...because that is what we do.

And then, ChristmasWhat a disappointment that was!  Santa had to stop by our homes as our grass was practically green.  I'm sure he was just as confused as we were.  No one was more confused though than a St. Bernard in Rochester, Minnesota.

Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester
Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester
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Heartwarming Reaction Caught on Camera When a St. Bernard Finally Sees Snow Again in Minnesota

Loki the St. Bernard is a 3-year-old baby boy weighing in at about 155 pounds.  He loves to be next to you at all times, play with toys, and he also really, REALLY loves snow.  If he could tell us his favorite things, Snow would be at the top of his list.

Living in Minnesota, you would think that playing in snow would happen all winter long, but not this year.  The active St. Bernard had a few days of fun but when the temperatures started to change and we got our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Spring, the hope of snow arriving again was quickly disappearing.  That is, until Mother Nature decided it was time to give this dog his wish.

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Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester
Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester

The furry dude called Loki is my baby boy and I didn't want to get his hopes up about snow so I kept it a secret from him.  I had this gut feeling though that if the snow did arrive as predicted, his reaction would be priceless.  And like all moms are, I was right.😉

Enjoy this moment of pure joy that was caught on camera.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Loki, because I think you'll be sweating again by the weekend.  

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