A massive building will be showing up soon in Mason City, Iowa.  And there's a pretty good chance you'll know the logo for this company.  ;)

Famous Company Just Announced It is Building a 50,000 Square Foot Facility in Mason City, Iowa

A good chunk of those living in the United States have ordered from Amazon and received that box with a smile on it.  This giant company has over 310 million active users throughout the entire world and according to AMZscout.com, 230 million of those users are from the United States.  Americans keep this company pretty busy and although it is tough to track down how many orders are received each day, it is estimated that Amazon is shipping about 1.6 million packages every day.

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Obviously, we in America are buying a few things.  In fact, I am waiting for a box with a smile on it to show up at my house as I'm typing this story.  My dog broke his leash and I needed a pretty heavy-duty one due to him being a tad strong.  He's a St. Bernard.  It also needs to have a specific clasp on the end because he has figured out how to get out of a few others I've bought locally.  #LittleStinker 

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Don't let Loki fool you, he is not as innocent as he looks.  - Jessica Williams

With all this shopping my family does and based on the statistics, yours is too, Amazon needed to make a little upgrade.  According to Mason City, Iowa's website, Amazon will be building a new 50,000-square-foot last mile distribution facility in their area.

Exciting news for North Iowa! Amazon.com is set to break ground on a new 50,000 sq/ft last mile distribution facility near Highway 18, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the North Iowa Corridor team, City of Mason City, and Amazon's development team. This facility will enhance Amazon's ability to provide fast, convenient delivery to customers in North Iowa. With more than 4,500 jobs created and $1.5 billion invested in Iowa since 2010, Amazon continues to have an important impact on economic growth in our communities.

- masoncity.net

Learn more about this growth opportunity for the area at the press release here.


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