Oh, winter.  I think we can officially say that you have arrived.  The wind chill in Minnesota the other day was -22 and when that happens, the studio I sit in for my radio show on Y-105FM has a hard time staying warm.  The thermostat was set to 69 degrees but since it felt like 60, I sat there talking in the microphone with my coat, hat, and gloves on and was frozen.

Winter was not my friend that day and I know we just will never get along.  I'm trying not to hate it but when I can't warm up, it is hard to keep that hate from showing up.

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man with a snow blowing machine working in winter day
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I’ve heard all of the “change your perspective” talks and “it will be better” and “be thankful for the snow, we need the moisture” conversations. I’m trying. I always try to be real though with you and if I’m being honest, I’d rather have a beach and the ocean next to me.

MnDOT snowplow near Owatonna/MnDOT
MnDOT snowplow near Owatonna/MnDOT

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