Whether it was the 7-layer dip or all the beer, a lot of us were struggling this week.

We can't all agree on much but I think most of us can agree on two things when it comes to the calendar: Daylight Saving Time shouldn't exist and the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday so none of us have to work.

The Push For The Day Off


For years, there have been petitions to make the day after the Super Bowl a holiday. This year, President's Day is on February 19th, literally 7 days after the Super Bowl Day After. Many people are asking, 'wait why couldn't it just be bumped up a week?'

About 16 million Americans already planned not to go to work the Monday after the Super Bowl this year, according to a study. And with overtime, the game ended later.

But at some point in the not-too-distant future, the stars will align.

When That Monday Will Be A Holiday


Thanks to the good graces of the Gregorian calendar, we will actually get to experience being off work or having a holiday the Monday after the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LXI will be on Valentine's Day in 2027 (that'll be interesting) and President's Day will be on February 15th.

In 2027, the Monday after the Super Bowl will be a federal holiday.

Of course, it'll be your office's call if you get the day off, but most schools are closed for President's Day, as are banks and non-essential government offices.

Meanwhile, the push to make the Monday after the Super Bowl a permanent holiday continues.

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