Your first clue: This Naturalized U.S. Citizen Is Now Honored With a Forever Stamp (And remember to respond in the form of a question...)

The question: "Who is Alex Trebek?"

Block of Alex Trebek Forever Stamps (United States Postal Service)
Block of Alex Trebek Forever Stamps (United States Postal Service)

On July 22nd, the United States Postal Service will honor the late JEOPARDY! host Alex Trebek with a sheet of 73¢ Forever Stamps.

The stamps are a fitting tribute to the long-time beloved host. They show Trebek on the quiz show's set with the stamps forming the answer board. The "question" for each stamp? ALEX TREBEK.

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For more than 36 years, Trebek hosted JEOPARDY! That's over 8,000 shows and nearly a half-million questions and answers. He died in 2020 from pancreatic cancer.

The man with the JEOPARDY! hosting duties these days, Ken Jennings, made the Trebek Forever Stamp announcement on the show today. Jennings is scheduled to appear at a first-day-of-issue event in July at the Sony Pictures Studios where the show is taped in Culver City, California along with Trebek's wife, Jean Trebek and Michael Eiston, the Secretary of the Board of Governors for the United States Postal Service.

The JEOPARDY! Forever Stamps come in panes of 20. And although the stamps cost 73¢ each, they can be used as first-class postage anytime in the future. Although, I suspect, a fair number of fans will be framing their stamps panels as artwork.

Pre-sales for the stamps began today at The first date of issue will be July 22, 2024.


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