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Chatfield, MN (KROC-AM News) - Police in Chatfield have released information concerning a tragic incident earlier this week involving a piece of construction equipment being used for a landscaping project.

Chatfield Police Chief Shane Fox says an elderly Chatfield resident was fatally injured Monday around 1 PM when she was struck by a skid loader. The victim was identified as 82-year-old Sandra Hulbert.

Joaquin Barbara
Joaquin Barbara

Chief Fox says she was riding on her power chair on the street when the operator of the skid loader backed up and crashed into her. The skid loader was being used by a landscaping company working in the neighborhood and the operator told police he did not see the woman in the power chair behind him.

Chatfield Police and Ambulance responded to the incident. Fox says life-saving measures were attempted, but Hulbert was pronounced dead at the scene.

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