Few things trigger my Choad Rage like someone stealing from nonprofits. Stealing from a nonprofit trying to help the homeless? Double the 'Rage. The nonprofits founder stealing from his own nonprofit that's meant to help the homeless?

That calls for a paddlin'.

Plans For the DRIP Mobile Shower Unit are Now in Limbo

It was a great idea (I mean, it still is). It's difficult for a homeless person to stay clean if they don't have access to showers. The mobile shower units would help alleviate that particular worry for the homeless, because showing up to a job interview smelling like, well, you're homeless won't do you any favors.

The unit looks like a modern fishing house, with the addition of showers.

The jerkface founder has admitted to stealing over $5000 in funds intended for the project and used that money for plane tickets, bar tabs, and Airbnbs.

It Gets Worse

Board members of the nonprofit say that the amount of money Jerkface stole is actually at least $11,000. The board members have since resigned from the project after the discovery.

Says one now-ex-board member: "Just kind of derailing the whole project with something as stupid as charging your daily expenses to the project is so disrespectful to everyone involved."

Hopefully One Idiot Doesn't Ruin the Entire Project

The shower trailer has already been partially constructed, so hopefully another organization can swoop in and save the day.

Jerkface says that he wants, "...to be held accountable". Of course. Now that he's been caught, he feels bad.

He had plenty of opportunity to feel bad while racking up a bar tab on a nonprofit's dime.

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H/T: CBS News

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