Has this ever happened to you before? You are driving along and suddenly you notice an empty parking lot and parked right in the middle is a police officer, seemingly just sitting there. So what exactly is going on? Well, thanks to a post made by the Sauk Rapids Police Department we now know what is going on inside that squad car.

Mobile Office.

Recently we have had some questions or concerns of Officers parking in parking lots or the police department lot with Officers inside the cars.

These are great opportunities for us to educate the public. When you see an Officer parked, they are likley doing one of many things, typing a detailed report, logging in to one of many electronic devices that we are required to utilize, completing equipment checks on important things such as medical equipment, firearms, less lethal weapons and more. Officer could be pulled over in the parking lot on break eating lunch or taking your important phone call while taking detailed notes. With the many things we have in the squad cars, we try to find safe areas to complete these tasks so we are not distracted or a risk on the roadway.

Places like the police department parking lot are equipped with video surveillance to assist in keeping us safe while completing some of these tasks in our mobile offices. We have a great group of Officers that appreciate our citizens and provide the best police coverage they can. If you have concerns of why Officers are doing certain things please feel free to call and speak to an officer or supervisor who would love to explain why we do some of the things we do.

We appreciate our citizens and community and want to do the best we can to educate others. Please remember this is our mobile office for 10 plus hours a day. We are not perfect but we certainly try.

Thanks to all of our citizens for the continued support!!!

That seemed pretty straightforward, when you see a police officer sitting in their vehicle in a parking lot or pulled into a driveway chances are they are wrapping up some paperwork and not wasting time.

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If you are ever curious you can ask, "'Ope, what are ya doing?"

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